Why Is There A Rising Demand For Hip Replacement Surgery?

The last decade has seen a 76% rise in the number of hip replacement operations for people aged under 60, revealed the NHS.

Whilst members of the Royal College of Surgeons are more confident than ever in the durability and quality of their products, they say the demand for hip replacement surgery has risen across all ages – not just the under 60’s. 

Why is there a rising demand for hip replacement surgery?

Changes in attitude and technology mean that hip replacement surgery is no longer seen as a last resort.

Stephen Cannon, vice-president of the Royal College of Surgeons, believes that this is because the rising number of younger patients see hip replacement surgery an ‘easier option’, since the process is less restrictive regarding age.

Patients would previously have been recommended to bare through any hip pain and wait until they were 60 or 65, which was due to a 15 year shelf life for most of the older model hips and the difficulty of removing them. The improved technology now means this is less and less of a disparaging factor as they can last even longer, and therefore hip injuries can be addressed faster and gradually help younger people.

Post-Op Treatment

Advancements in post-op treatment also mean that people are usually on crutches within a day of their treatment, and off crutches within six weeks.

These factors contribute to the hip replacement surgery process being seen as less daunting than previous years, resulting in a much more viable treatment option for younger people.

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